Preserving Heritage?

Preserving Heritage? Reflections from Susan’s presentation at the University of Westminster and Holly’s guest spot on travel blog/vlog ‘From Rust to Road Trip’.

Voices of the Ancestors – Prelude – what it’s all about

What is an ancestor? What is a podcast? Why are you listening to this? Where can you hear Voices of Ancestors? These questions may or may not be answered as Susan and Holly have a playful, spontaneous, unscripted chat about their hopes for the project.

Joy of Learning

Today I remind myself constantly that I am ‘a toddler’ as I learn the ins and out of podcasting. With my inner child I am seeking to ‘play’ and ‘en-joy’ the learning process. Frustration has been banished behind the door marked ‘grown-ups’. To be sharing the learning with Holly is a lifeline. How reassuring to… Continue reading Joy of Learning

Hello world!

Thank you Word-press for your welcome to the world of blogging. Back at the start of Voices of the Ancestors podcast this website was created without a blog page. Now its time to bring news and updates to listeners with blogs.