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Latest Episode 10: Musical Games in a Folk Family with Nana Mzhavanadze

The Family

Georgian musician and ethnomusicologist Nana Mzhavanadze was born into a musical family. She says her future was predicted by her grandmother:- 

when I was bought from the maternity house, my grandmother met me at the door, that was the first thing that she did, she put me on the piano and she said she is going to be a musician.”

This episode is a significant event for their family, as it brought Nana, her uncle Rebuli and his daughter Marekhi together to sing for the first time in over 10 years.

Whether you’ve heard Nana before, with Sathanao or Sisa Tura, or this is your first time, you’re sure to enjoy this playful hour where Nana experiments musically with her family.

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Music used in Episode 10:

Live Music: Nana, Rebuli and Marekhi Mzhavandanze – Recorded on location, at General TSO fusion cafe, Kobuleti, Georgia.

*Didi khnidan Gagitsani in 3 voices, with Marekhi singing bani *Patara Sakhvarelo (in 2 voices – Nana and Rebuli) Note from Nana – Patara Sakhvarelo  This is a Gurian (polyphonic) male trio repertoire. The lyrics are related to the theme of love. This variant is close to Vladimer Verdzenishvili’s variant… *Alilo by Jansung Kakhidze *Mival Guriashi

Prerecorded Music: Ialoni; Natvra by Sathanao; Kakhetian Mravaljhamier by Basiani; Sulo Chemo by Anchiskati; Sulo Chemo by Sathanao.

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5 Star Apple Review – Fascinating & beautiful podcast

“This is such an interesting podcast, featuring beautiful voices, stories and songs from Georgia. Full of emotion, heart and wonderful music. I had no knowledge of this topic before listening, but love hearing from the people, teachers and singers of these traditional songs – a hidden gem of the world. bee_franz 12.12.2020

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