In this section are gathered together resources we have found helpful in our exploration of Georgian polyphonic songs, and the women who sing them. If you would like your resources or ensemble to be featured here please contact us.

Susan and Holly give thanks, appreciation and gratitude to the team at IRCTP for their dedication to the study of Traditional Georgian Polyphony. (And for offering their resources to host the podcast launch in October 2020.)

International Research Centre for Traditional Polyphony Tbilisi, Georgia. Current information from the IRCTP can be found on their Facebook page and YouTube. International Symposium on Traditional Polyphony.

Resources: Books

99 Georgian Songs Book Cover

99 Georgian Songs A collection of traditional folk, church and urban songs from Georgia. Introduced by Edisher Garakanidze. Song notes and translations by Joseph Jordania. Edited by Joan Mills at the Centre for Performance Research assisted by colleagues, friends and family members of Edisher Garakanidze. Listen to Joan Mills in Episode 7.

The Georgian Feast Book Cover

The Georgian Feast:The Vibrant Culture and Savory Food of the Republic of Georgia by Dara Goldstein. Mentioned in Episode 7 with Joan Mills.

Songbook Georgia Book Cover

Songbook Georgia / Liederbuch Georgien: Georgia’s World Cultural Heritage / Georgiens Weltkulturerbe by Tamar Buadze (Author), Imke McMurtrie (Author). This Songbook of Georgia, which focuses on the female repetoire of traditional songs, is the product of two singers and music ethnologists who have been working together for many years: Tamar Buadze (Georgia) and Imke McMurtrie (Germany).

Svan Folk Songs Collection of Sheet Music with 2 audio CD’s for Self-Study.

The recordings were made in the 1980s in the Voice Recording Studio “Melodia”, and this unique phonoarchive was donated by Anzor Erkomaishvili to the Georgian Chant Foundation.

The publication was non-profit and it is available in electronic form, from the Georgian Chanting Foundation.

Acharan Folk Songs Collection of Sheet Music with audio CD for Self-Study.

Songs are performed by the Moqvare and Elesa ensembles from the Keda municipality.

The publication was non-profit and it is available in electronic form, from the Georgian Chanting Foundation.

Resources: Websites for Folk Related Organisations, Festivals and Places

Art Gene Festival annual festival in Tbilisi and the regions. Art Gene Group NGO “Union of Art Gene”, whose main aim is to promote Georgia’s traditional folk culture.

Folklore Centre on ფოლკლორის ცენტრი

Folklore Centre on Audiomack

Folk Center Hall ფოლკლორის ცენტრის დარბაზი Performance & event venue, Tbilisi. a face book group devoted to Georgian Chant, a Resource for the Study of Georgian Liturgical Music.

Georgian Chant a website resource for the study and performance of Georgian Orthodox liturgical chant.

Georgian Harmony Association – UK acts as a publicity and umbrella organisation for Georgian singing events.


Computational Ethnomusicology

Multi-Media Recordings Of Traditional Georgian Vocal Music With Focus On Svaneti

There is much to explore from this website following the work of Scherbaum, F.  & N. Mzhavanadze, N.

Ts’utisopeli A project dedicated to the conservation and dissemination of songs from villages in Eastern Georgia. You are invited to explore over 70 musician profiles and 400 songs on this site.

State Museum of Georgian Folk Music and Musical Instruments

Resources: Female & Mixed Ensembles in Georgia

Bolnela ბოლნელა

Gogochuri Sisters დები გოგოჭურები

Iagundi Ansamble from Achara

Ialoni იალონი

Irinola ირინოლა

Kimilia კიმილია

Kolkhuri trio კოლხური ტრიო

Melorama Quartet მელორამა

Mtiebi მთიები

Mzetamze მზეთამზე

Nanina ნანინა

Rekheuli Ensemble რეხეული

Sathanao სათანაო

Turtachela ახალგაზრდული გუნდი თუთარჩელა

Zedashe ზედაშე

Resources: Choirs UK

Maspindzeli მასპინძელი based in Central London, UK.

Chela and Buska based in Cambridge, UK

Borjaghali ბორჯღალი based in Bristol, UK

K’ak’ali ‘Walnuts’ based in Wales