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My Journey to Georgia in a Pandemic

Podcast host Holly on terrace overlooking Tbilisi city scape

“In all of these moments I feel so strongly the vibrations of all of you who wish you could be in Georgia right now, singing and toasting with old friends. I promise that I’m carrying you in my heart! I feel it’s my responsibility to make the most of every single moment I have here.”

You might have been following Holly’s recent journey to Georgia from the UK. As a thank you to our Ko-Fi supporters, she has written all about what it took to make it to her favourite country in what seemed like impossible circumstances. To read the blog, click the link https://ko-fi.com/voicesoftheancestors and buy us a coffee! ( if you have supported us in the past you should be able to access it on our ko-fi page)

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Subscriptions: These are our annual running costs. (Because we have already used up all the free trials available from these providers.) Pro unlimited Soundcloud Hosting : £53.42 Otter.ai (transcription service): £73.10 Squadcast service (used to record remote guests): £43.95 Website Hosting: £ 14.40 Total annual costs: £184.87 Equipment: Portable mic and recorder (like the Tula usb mic): £160.

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