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Hi there! We are Holly Taylor-Zuntz and Susan Thompson, one an actor and one a charity professional – drawn together by a shared passion for singing Georgian multi-part folk songs (in Episode 7 you can hear how we met at a Maspindzeli choir rehearsal in London).

In the Prelude we have a playful, spontaneous, unscripted chat about our hopes for the project when it started last year. In the podcast we explore Georgian polyphonic songs, and the women who sing them. What ask each guest what ‘Voices of the Ancestors’ means to them. We have received great responses, both from experts within Georgia and listeners new to the genre.

Voices of the Ancestors Podcast launched in October 2020 at Festivals in Georgia. For 2021 the podcast will be published on the first Thursday of each month.

Dear Susan, I have just listened to the podcast. Thanks a lot for the link. It is a very appreciated and important job. Your podcasts are a very valuable. My great respect to Joan Mills.

Khatuna Managadze, Host ‘Art Expert’ Adjara TV 5/2/21 on Episode 7

I’ve listened to the first two episodes! I reeeeally like it 🙌 it’s super fascinating given I know nothing about Georgian singing 😂 it shines through how much means to you all and that is so lovely to hear

It sounds like the experience of singing together is a little bit like I was describing swimming with another person – you have to ‘feel’ each other and tune into all the subtle communication that’s happening

A beautiful thing

Georgia Mason 04/02/2021

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