How do you want to hear about music in an episode of Voices of the Ancestors?

Why this question, how do you want to hear about music in an episode? Well Holly is editing the next episode – where our guest is Nino Razmadze – a specialist in Georgian Folk instruments.

Three wooden stringed folk instruments used to illustrate the subject of the next episode.
From top to bottom – panduri, chuniri, changi

So you can hear the sounds of each instrument we’ve been busy sourcing loads of different audio clips. With so many different performers and sources we wanted to know what was most popular with you, the listener. How do listeners want to hear about the music? Should we interrupt the flow of conversation and introduce each clip with the music and the performer, or talk through the music used at the end of the episode or put all the information in the show notes……….?

How do listeners want to hear about music? Instagram Poll Result

How do listeners want to hear about music - Instagram poll results set against a pebble background.
Instagram poll results

The poll results were really clear. 100% of responders wanted to know about each track as they hear it in the episode. You’ll still be able to find the information in the show notes and transcripts of each episode and we’ll develop our style for introducing the music as you hear it.

Susan T.

New episode out 20.2.23

With every episode comes a new learning curve, and ‘On folk instruments with Nino Razmadze’ is no different. Holly listened to your feedback (about how you wanted to hear about music) and implemented it in this episode. As Nino mentions each instrument, we’ve included an audio sample of it. We reckon we’ve found a nice balance between informative voiceovers and seamless flow – hope you enjoy!

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