ა – Trailer – A brief introduction to the podcast.

ბ – Prelude – How ‘Voices of the Ancestors’ came into being.

1 – Connection and Isolation – singing through Covid-19 lockdown. Guest – Jen Morris, USA, founder and director of Seattle’s Georgian choir onefourfive. With music from Ialoni, Sakioba, Zoé Perret, Zedashe and Mtiebi.

2 – Shepherds and Bear Prints with Jenny Barrett – ever wondered what the difference between a city song and folk song is? Or how songs vary through the different regions of Georgia? Jenny, singer with choirs Maspindzeli and Chela in the UK, takes you on a whistle-stop tour of Georgian singing, while telling tales of traveling in Tusheti and Svaneti and hosting Gigi Garakanidze in the UK.  With music by Ialoni, Mtiebi, Kimilia, Maspindzeli, the Chamgeliani sisters and Levan Bitarovi, Sakhioba and Mzetamze.

Episode 3 – New 19.11.2020

3 – Healing Songs and Circle Dances with Nino Naneishvili – “It’s one of the most valuable feelings, when your ancestor, your old generation hears his own songs. And when you perform it in your variation, improvisation and when they are happy. It’s I think the biggest gift a performer can feel.”
Nino Naneishvili, ethnomusicologist and musical director of women’s ensemble Ialoni (ialoni.com/en/) tells us how she collected a healing song from a tiger and adapted it into her own style.
Voices of the Ancestors by Holly Taylor-Zuntz and Susan Thompson.
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Music used:
Rachuli batonebi by Shalva Aslanishvili, collected in 1950. Go to https://www.alazani.ge/base/shalva_aslanishvili/Aslanishvilis_koleqcia_-_Batonebo_Racha.mp3
Rachuli batonebi by Ialoni
Ia Patonepi by Vepkhia Antia (recorded by Nino Razmadze)
Ia Patonepi by Ialoni